Old Man Gloom : Christmas Eve I + II + 6 + Live in NYC

Label : Hydra Head Records / Tortuga Recordings (TR-027)

Purchased : Blue Collar Distro

Yellow colored vinyl, limited to 1000.  Total pressing limited to 3000.

If you’re like me, you weren’t lucky enough to snag one of the 50 test pressings (I think that’s correct) or one of the 2x7” releases (which didn’t contain the live portion and was a Swedish release).  I’m also not extremely wealthy, so I couldn’t really afford this after the fact (not that these came across eBay or discog very often).

This was the only OMG release I was missing (the rest are fairly easy to find and usually decently priced), so I was pretty ecstatic when Hydra Head gave these a proper pressing as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday Releases.

I went for the yellow vinyl (monkeys, bananas, what have you).  That and I don’t think I have any other yellow vinyl.

Blue Collar Distro is sold out at this point.